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I'm a little mad, yes. But I'm told that all the best people are.
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Not sure anybody but ladyasul is even still watching my journal to see this, but welp, here goes!

So I rp at this neat little game called Aliunde, and what with the mass move over to Dreamwidth in the wake of R88, we're hurting for new players. So, I bring you this ad:

It's a regular day, and you're off doing your normal, daily routine-- nothing out of the ordinary. It's the last thing your remember before darkness takes over...

After some time, you start to regain consciousness. Clean, stale air fills you nostrils. Where are you? As you open your eyes, you take note of your surroundings. It's a hospital room, or what looks like a hospital room.

You realize that you're not alone. There's someone else in the room-- a doctor. At least, they look like a doctor with their white lab coat. Ignoring any questions you may have, the doctor hands you a small package and turns to leave. Right before he shuts the door he leaves you with three words:

"Welcome to Aliunde."


The mod team is great and all the players are really friendly people, so anyone reading this- come take a look!
26th-Dec-2007 11:10 pm - Child of the Shadows, chapter 2
Freya death goddess
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25th-Dec-2007 10:21 pm - Child of the Shadows
A new fanfiction from me brought to life by reading excessive amounts of Bizenghast and Anne Rice, listening to Within Temptation, and playing Shadow of Destiny more than I should. Anyway...

Title: Child of the Shadows
Genre: Fantasy/Horror
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: A young orphan girl is plucked from her aunt's care into a world she never dreamed existed, where vampires hold court in palatial mansions where the light of day never shines. Living in the lap of luxury under the protection of the eccentric and insane vampire Cain, she knows happiness beyond anything she's ever experienced in her lifetime. But when a tragedy strikes, she is forced to choose between the dreary mortal life where her only destiny is to grow old and die, or becoming Cain's fledgling, free to eternally wander the night and do as she pleases, at the price of her sanity, and maybe even her human soul...

DISCLAIMER: If you recognize the characters, chances are I don't own them.

Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit Hole

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Where do you get inspiration for your arts and crafts?
I get my inspiration from the world around me, and from the anime I watch, the books I read, and the videogames my friends play, as i don't own a gaming platform other than the Gameboy Advance SP. Most of what I do involves drawing fanart and fan-comics, but I recently came into some fabric which I hope to make into a doll size Suiseiseki dress.
Welcome to my first ever original fantasy story, A Dragon's Duel! Please comment, and be gentle with the rotten fruit, though concrit is welcome. Oh, and, here's a quick pronunciation guide for the characters' names:

Mir'n: Me-REHN
Tar'k: TEAR-ik
Pyro'k: PIE-rock
Blizro'k: bliz-ROCK
Ileia: ill-LAY-uh

And here's the story, enjoy!

A Dragon's Duel

21st-Jun-2007 02:08 pm - none, really
Well, this creepy little would be horror crptup on me at insane hours last night after I read a Chrno Crusade fanfiction similar to this entitled "Doll". But you don't care about my questionable mental state, so here's the story stats:

Title: The Doll
Rating: PG
Genre: Horror/Suspense
Status: Complete
Summary: ...she is inescapable...her terrifying beauty...her awesome curse...

The Doll

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25th-Jul-2006 02:57 am - what-if challenge
Response to the 'Seto was not adopted by Gozaburo Kaiba' what if at ygo-what-if

Title: Paths Not Traveled
Pairings: YamixOC, YugixOC
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if Seto had not been adopted by Gozaburo Kaiba?
Warnings: slight violence on the part of the coughinsanecough yamis
Notes: Seto also lost the chess game, so...

Chapter 1

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19th-Jul-2006 11:09 pm - Some Old Fic
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18th-Jul-2006 01:40 pm - hi
So how do you like my pretty padded cell? It isn't very homey yet because the attendants in this place won't give me furniture...but I'm working on them...

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself. So, hi to all the LJ users that came before me.

Sorry if this makes no sense...I'm new at this. =^_____^=
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